House Cleaning

Dirt, filth, and mildew has taken over your once vibrant home.  Our job is to help you, with
this situation.  Let’s start with a FREE CONSULTATION, to discuss exactly what needs to
be done and what should not be done.  We take pride in our work and do our utmost to
care for your property, as if, it were our own.

Some areas can forego being power washed.  For example; windows and door jams get
washed by hand, with a bucket of soap water and rinsed with the garden hose, to prevent
damage and water leakage.

The cleaners we use are safe for all surfaces and if there is any doubt we test a small area
to be sure no damage will be done.  Our pre-soak, brush, and rinse method of cleaning
prevents damage to all types of painted wood, stucco, and vinyl surfaces.  Don’t worry
about the health of your flower beds or lawns.  We only use Eco-friendly cleaners, that
are biodegradable and plant friendly.

Now that we’ve built ourselves up to sound like flawless super heroes, let us say that we
are aware of our responsibilities to you.  If something is or appears to be beyond the scope
of our abilities we will let it be known and accidents do occasionally happen.  There is no
sense in stringing you along and then not completing the job to your satisfaction – this
would be bad for both of us.  If something was to be damaged, we have game plans to
resolve these types of issues.  Whether it comes from our very own pocket & elbow grease
or an insurance claim must be made, any unforeseen issueswill be promptly taken care of.