Can I Do It Myself?

You sure can, but do you really want to spend your off-time working?
Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What machine do I buy?
  • Where do I store this machine?
  • Will it work when i’m ready to use it again next year?
  • What cleaners do I use?
  • Did I just kill my favorite rose garden, with those toxic cleaners?
  • I can do this in a couple of hours – am I sure about this?
  • Will it look awesome when I’m done – considering that I’ve never done this before?
  • How much pressure can the vinyl or paint handle?
  • Crap! I just blew a hole in my vinyl siding by using too much pressure.
  • Would I rather spend my time working or having some stress-free fun?

Shall we say more….
let us take care of it for you – we know how to do it the right way.