Deck & Fence Preservation

Your home is protected by paint, vinyl, or brick; but your wood decking and fencing has no
solid protection. The wood becomes a weather beaten dirt collector, that turns your bright
days dull. Algae growth is also commonly found on wood decks – this not only speeds up
the decaying process ensuring that you’ll need to incur replacement costs, but often
becomes a personal safety hazard. Have you ever lost your footing on a wet algae covered
wood deck or the steps – we usually don’t want an all natural slip-n-slide right outside the
back door?

We can help avoid replacement expenses and possible medical bills.  Our cleaning process
involves using environmentally safe products to remove dirt and algae, that completely
rinse away leaving behind no harmful chemicals or residue.  We also offer life-extending
weather sealing and staining services, which also gives the wood added beauty and
brightens your day.