Whether your a small business owner or in charge of a Fortune 500, I’m sure you sometimes feel that everything is on your shoulders? I too am familiar with this overwhelmed feeling, of the list is only growing. Over the years I’ve learned to be in two places, micro-manage, and do things that I never thought I could do.  One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is to find the correct person for the job.  In this case, we can be that person for you. Our job is to help you with your job – customer satisfaction.

First Impressions
What’s the first thing customers experience? The parking lot & front entrance. Are your front entrance and parking lot clean and inviting? Why hope the customer comes inside to hit them with the WOW FACTOR! Having a successful business is all about making sure the customer has the best possible experience, whether it’s shop- ping, dining, celebrating, or having a root canal. Statistics report that 50% of all new customers are attracted or distracted by curb appeal.

Parking Lots & Sidewalks
Have you ever washed your car and left bugs stuck all over the front? Let’s think of your dirty parking lot and sidewalks as bugs stuck all over your business. There isn’t much else to be said, other than your clean windows and spectacular signage can be overpowered by the years of dirt, grime, gum spots, and oil stains.

Beware of other companies or doing it yourself.  Have you ever seen those unsightly stripes left behind, after pressure washing concrete?  These are commonly known as zebra stripes and are easily prevented with a little knowledge and the proper equipment.

Don’t forget your staff. Arriving to a professionally cleaned work environment is sure to pump up staff enthusiasm, which results in plenty of happy customers. It could also prompt them to tell everyone where they work = free advertising.

Let us help you create an inviting & stress-free experience, for everyone.

Long-lasting Investments
“No matter how great the chef is, I keep thinking that vermin don’t mind living in filth. Maybe we can try that cleaner looking restaurant that’s closer to home.”

Expand this thought to whatever your business is and look around at the:
• customer entrance
• designated outdoor smoking areas
• valet stations
• general public areas
• dumpster areas
• receiving/shipping areas
• loading docks
• warehouses
• rarely used areas around the side
…and anything we didn’t think of, at this moment.

Prevent the damaging effects of dirt, algae, grime, mold, and mildew. These contaminants will expedite rot, decay, & visual deterioration, of your building’s exterior.

Personal Safety
Have you ever lost your footing on algae, that is growing on brick or concrete? What about spills that were not cleaned up properly or at all? These issues could result in serious hazards to cus- tomers, and staff. Our professional cleaning services will eliminate these issues, that could result in long-term physical and financial problems.